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Physiotherapy charges per day

Posted By: Priyanka Published: 14, Nov 2023

Physiotherapy charges per day

Previously, understanding the charges of Physiotherapy Per day, it is necessary to know what therapy is and its importance.

Consequently, physiotherapy is a medical service that treats disease or injury by using exercise, light, heat, rubbing muscles, etc. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in health fitness. It helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability.

Physiotherapy Cost / Charges : Factors

The Physiotherapy charges fee may count towards the session and charges per session. The duration of the Therapy session is approximately 45 minutes to hours.

Every Physiotherapist will have different charges for their therapy.

Likewise, the cost of Physiotherapy varies depending on many factors including the qualification and experience of physiotherapists. Furthermore, now we discuss about major factors that affect the Physiotherapy charges:

  • Qualification and Experience of the Physiotherapist

  • Duration of treatment 

  • Severity of Condition

  • Type of Treatment

  • Equipment and Technology

  • Location of a clinic 

  • Home visits

Physiotherapy Charges At Home

Physiotherapy at home charges depending on the patient’s needs and the location of the treatment. Generally, Physiotherapy home visit charges are higher than clinic charges.

Physiotherapy at home charges is influenced by following some major factors that determine therapy at home charges:

  • Location 

  • Facilities

  • Therapist's Expertise

  • Session Duration

  • Equipment and Technology 

  • Additional Services

What are the Physiotherapy Charges In Meerut

Dr. Arpit Tyagi is well well-known Physiotherapist in Meerut who specializes in Sports Physical Therapy, Chronic Pain Treatment, Joint Mobilization, Consultant Physiotherapy, and Lower Back Pain.

Furthermore, Dr. Arpit Tyagi is one of the best physiotherapists in the Meerut region.

Physiotherapy Service Price List (cost per session)

ServiceDuration (session)Fees (per day)
Consultation Fees45 min - 60 min200/-
Therapy Charges45 min - 60 min700/
Laser Therapy45 min - 60 min1000/-
Shock Wave Therapy45 min - 60 min1000/-
15 days Package 45 min - 60 min640/-

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Finally, physiotherapist prices are not fixed and are not the same. All physiotherapists will have their price range. Physiotherapy clinic charges and at-home charges are different. Major factors which have to differentiate the price of physiotherapy are Qualification & Experience and session duration.


  •  Can physiotherapy be done daily?
  • Ans : It's not necessary, it depends on the severity of condition. Consult your physiotherapist for more information.

  •  Is Physiotherapy costly?
  • Ans : Physiotherapy cost is defined per session and all kinds of therapy are not costly.

  •  How many exercises in Physiotherapy?
  • Ans : Commonly three types of physiotherapy exercises including in rehabilitation programs:
    • • Balance
    • • Range of Motion
    • • Strengthening Exercise.
  •  Should I rest after physiotherapy?
  • Ans :  Yes, after therapy rest take to recover the muscles for the next session.

  •  Can I do physiotherapy myself at home?
  • Ans : Yes, you did as per your physiotherapist’s advice.