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Lower Back Pain is one of the most common health problems faced by people in Meerut and around the world. According to studies, over 80% of the population suffers from low back pain at some point in their life. It can be acute, lasting for a few weeks, or chronic, persisting for over 12 weeks.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Some common causes of lower back pain include muscle strain, poor posture, arthritis, slipped discs, bone or joint problems in the spine, etc.

People belonging to certain professions like manual laborers, drivers, and housewives are prone to developing back pain due to their job activities involving heavy lifting, prolonged sitting or bending.

Lifestyle factors like lack of exercise, stress, obesity also increase one's risk.

Causes of Lower Back Pain in Meerut Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Meerut
 Muscle or tendon strain  Rest
 Arthritis  Physical therapy
 Structural problems  Medication
 Disk injuries  Cortisone injections
 Spinal cord injury  Hands-on treatments (like osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation)
Herniated lumbar disc or slip disc  Surgical repair (for some back injuries and conditions)
Spondylitis  Ayurvedic treatment (yoga and effective Ayurvedic therapies)
 Scoliosis  Heat therapy
 Spinal stenosis  Stretching exercises
 Kidney disorders, pregnancy, cancer  Painkillers such as ibuprofen

Top Physiotherapist In Meerut

When it comes to your health and well-being, entrusting your care to a healthcare professional with the correct credentials, extensive experience, and unwavering dedication is paramount. With more than 14 years of hands-on experience, Dr. Arpit Tyagi stands as a prominent figure in the field of physiotherapy in Meerut. His patient-centered approach covers an extensive spectrum of conditions, making him a distinguished name in the physiotherapy landscape in Meerut.

Below are some reasons to consider Dr. Arpit Tyagi as the best physiotherapist for your treatment:

  • Qualifications: Dr. Arpit Tyagi is qualified and licensed to practice in Meerut area.
  • Experience: Dr. Arpit Tyagi has substantial experience, especially in treating severe conditions.
  • Specialization: Dr. Arpit Tyagi is specialized in many areas, like sports injuries, orthopedics, or neurological conditions. Choose one that matches your needs.
  • Communication: Effective communication with your physiotherapist is vital. Dr. Tyagi listens to your concerns and explain treatment plans clearly.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities: Dr. Arpit Tyagi's clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that help him provide the best possible treatment to his patients. The clinic is clean, well-maintained, and has all the necessary equipment required for physiotherapy treatment.
  • Free Online Consultation: Dr. Arpit Tyagi offers free online consultation to his patients. This allows patients to discuss their physical ailments with him and get advice on the best course of treatment.

So if you are tired of living in constant back pain, don't delay consulting reputed physiotherapist Dr. Arpit Tyagi in Meerut. With the right non-surgical treatment, you too can get pain-free mobility within weeks. Make an appointment today. You will be glad you did!

Selecting the Right Physiotherapist

Lower back pain is a nagging issue faced by many residents of Meerut. Instead of suffering in silence, consulting Dr. Arpit Tyagi can help alleviate the pain. However, with numerous clinics around, here are a few top considerations what sets apart Dr. Arpit Tyagi:

Specialization in Back Issues

Not all physio clinics specialize in back problems. Visit Dr. Arpit Tyagi's clinic as he has extensive training and experience in treating conditions like slipped disc, spinal injuries, arthritic back, sciatica, etc.

Treatment Modalities Used

Advanced therapy options like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, acupuncture, core strengthening exercises work better than simple massages for back pain. Inquire about the different evidence-based techniques used.


Lower back pain is a common ailment that can significantly impact one's quality of life. Timely medical evaluation and a holistic approach to prevention and treatment are key to alleviating lower back pain and promoting overall well-being. Remember, seeking professional guidance and incorporating lifestyle changes can contribute to a healthier, pain-free lower back.

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